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2014 T1 Checklist

2014 T1 Detailed Questionnaire

T1135 CRA Link

T1135 Questions and Answers

New Family Tax Cut

BC HRTC Over 65 Tax Credit

CRA switching to Direct Deposit by April 2016

Your Return Has Been Efiled - What Happens Now?

CRA - Common Adjustments



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Helpful Links

Registering to Collect PST - Forms and Publications

Canada Revenue Agency

Prescribed rates

CRA Payroll Calculator

CICA (Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada)

CPA BC (Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia)

BC On Line (Corporate records info site)

Currency converter


What is a CPA? News on Chartered Accountants (CA's) and the new merger with CMA's and CGA's

ASPE - Information for Lenders

New Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises

Decisions Matter - Tax Planning Services



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